Briyana Butler

My project, PRESS, seeks to showcase ten typefaces that the Hamilton Wood Type Museum (HWT) in conjunction with P22 have revived and made available digitally. I decided to create a card game loosely based off of scrabble SLAM that allows players to “Set their own moveable type” using their cards to create words. The letters on the cards are one of the 10 digitalized typefaces from HWT. The bottom of the card indicates what typeface is currently showing and since the cards are double sided, the manacle at the top left tells you what is displayed on the other side. The first person to finish their cards announces that they’re “out of sorts” and uses one of the 3D Printed type sorts to “Create an Impression” on their score sheets. The incorporation of printshop vocabulary helps the teach the players the history while being integrated in fun game play. I tried to make every aspect of the game involve some element of wood type. The 3D printed type sorts include a “nick”, “shoulder” and “grove” which are key elements on actual type sorts.